Wholesale Fireworks

SanTan Fireworks imports product from 11 different suppliers. Wholesale price list can be obtained by emailing Jason.

The minimum purchase requirement is $2,000.

If you are an Arizona resident you may only purchase Arizona approved fireworks.

If you are a firework company based in Arizona, we require the following:

  1. State and Federal Tax ID number.
  2. Form 500A.
  3. A website and business card to confirm these fireworks are being sold online and
    distributed out of state.
  4. Or have a permit from a local fire department.
  5. Or an Arizona state agricultural license. (I can assist in obtaining this)
  6. Or have a Federal Type 54 explosives license.

Non Arizona residents for wholesale purchases for Export:

  1. Any firework company is exempt from Arizona resident requirements.
  2. You may pick up in person or have shipped.
  3. If you are wanting for personal use, you must have the following:
    • Out of state Identification.
    • Proof of out of state residency to include:
      • Vehicle registration or insurance
      • Utility bill
    • We need 100% confirmation that your purchase is leaving the state and is bona fide per the verbiage of Arizona law.
    • If I think its bullshit, and it’s not going to leave the state, I will not allow the purchase.

Firework Imports

SanTan Fireworks Imports can import fireworks from numerous factories. If you are interested in importing a whole container, or a mix container from various suppliers, email Jason. Importing fireworks can increase your profits. We charge 6.5% plus the cost of landing the container.

We can ship the container(s) to any of the lower 48 states. It is up to you to obey local regulations for sales and distribution. We do require a Federal Tax ID number. The cost to import a container with shipping and customs included, can be from $48,000 as high as $80,000 depending on what is put in the container.

Current rates:

  1. Shipping from China to Long Beach is $11,400
  2. Trucking from Port to the Western States is $3,500 to $6,000.
  3. The further East from Port, the higher the shipping cost.
    • Containers can be shipped to different Ports further East.
  4. Customs is approximate 6.7% of the value of the contents of the container.

Have A Question ? (602) 206-8232.

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